3 states of thoughts in our mind.

Our mind is home to infinite thoughts. Most of these thoughts are related to our senses in a direct or an indirect manner, hence it is quite safe to presume that even our imagination can’t find a thought which can be considered as ‘a thought which is beyond our senses’. In simple terms, we are always occupied with ‘desires’.  

It is also safe to presume that our thought process is glued to a certain character which we always possess throughout our lifecycle. The tricky part of the equation is that we don’t know a single thing about our own character or our own perspective. We are always occupied with providing reactions to the humungous amount of thoughts running across our mind. After closely monitoring our thought process, one can easily witness that we always carry a certain mindset. Our whole existence is dependent upon this mindset or the state of thoughts we are having in our mind.

However, there are three states of thoughts in our mind, through which we can distinguish between a regular mind and a mind which is beyond the limits of nature. These are as follows:


Have you ever find yourself behaving in a stubborn or an ignorant manner? That’s called a fixated thought process. This least disciplined mind is bound to suffer the most while going through the continuous chain reaction of our thoughts. While continuously looking for a suitable answer, our mind only finds itself surrounded by suitable justifications, which are temporary in nature. In fact, Ego is the ultimate byproduct of such thoughts. Our fixation to a certain idea or ‘ignorance’ always craves for supportive thoughts. With the help of these supportive thoughts, our Ego always keeps itself and our mind in an occupied state.

A fixated thought always lead us to a state of ignorance and even worse a ‘grown up Ego’. Imagine that our mind is tightly glued to a false idea which is surely harmful for us. What else can we expect other than a state of misery when ignorance sits at the epicenter of these thoughts?

Fixated thoughts always drain a great amount of energy as well as introduce stagnation in an individual’s life.

There are various times and situation comes in the life of an individual where one might feel miserable and depress. While looking from a healthy perspective, these ‘heartbreaking’ situations are nothing less than an opportunity to realize that our false belief or EGO has a limit to it and it is much better to crave for the bigger picture and stop fixating over certain ideas.


People with these thoughts live a balanced life. Just like a planet rotating around its axis while also revolving around the sun in perfect balance; people with these thoughts are somewhat capable of looking at ‘the bigger picture’. Furthermore, people who possess such thought process can somewhat control other harmful thoughts which might push them away from their goal. As mildly egoistic these people are in nature, their constant focus and perseverance towards a bigger and better picture, always compensate for it.


The most disciplined and the most independent mind state among the three; this state of mind belongs to someone who is a seer in nature. Imagine a mind where no thoughts are present. Bliss resides in the behavior of that person. Imagine that! A person, who is able to reach out to the greatest depths residing in his consciousness, knows that there is no meaning to behold other many thoughts. In the absence of any thought in their mind, such people find it much easier to stay in constant touch with their true inner self.

We are always looking for suggestions from the outside world but never even bother to take a look for the answers at our own insight. Know about this that our insight is the only true medium to find an absolute answer to any of our problems. It might sound quite easy and simple to someone, but in reality it is surely not an easy task to accomplish with as our mind is our closest ally as well as our worst enemy. The infinite thoughts inside our mind show us how resilient our minds are, but the hidden nature of thoughts tells us about a whole different story.

There is more in our personalities than desire and pain. Go on and search for what’s hidden inside. All we need to do is witness our thoughts as they shall disappear in absolute nothingness.

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