4 tips for a good sleep.

Good sleep is a necessity to us. Although we are aware of this fact, we barely feel bothered about it.

Living in a fast and a driven society often force us to challenge ourselves in peculiar ways. While we push through our limits, we often forget to relax in a proper manner so that we feel  rejuvenated. That is where a good sleep plays it's role. Nothing can replace the importance of night sleep. However, people often find various and unusual reasons to stay awake at the night. Stress leads the race among many of these reasons. With each passing day, our insomniac habits tend to be more regular and addictive. Needless to say it is harmful for our mind and bodies. Here are the 4 simple yet highly effective habits recommended for a good sleep.

1- Sleep with a positive thought in head. We know that how practicing gratitude and compassion works. Such thoughts sit on the positive side of emotional spectrum. A positive mind always able to process various conditions in a much more efficient manner. A stressed mind dabble between various thoughts and ideas to find a proper solution for a problem where as a relaxed mind goes on to find the most appropriate solution for the problem. Several times we have felt that we find a solution, when we wake up in the morning. Simply, because after sleep our brain and our body rejuvenate itself. Such is the importance behind a good sleep.



4 tips to sleep well

3 Switch off your gadgets at night.  This point is my favorite. You are in a deep sleep. Suddenly a message pop-up on the screen with a rhythmic tone, saying a ‘HI’. In the middle of night, you have sacrificed that sound sleep of yours and feeling energized all over again to socialize. Needless to say, a person imitating such a behavior pattern is prioritizing things in a wrong manner. Nothing and nobody is more important than our own body. Here are the 10 reasons for getting a good sleep, 

Read point number 6 & 7.  

You are not going to feel athletic all day long if you are sleep deprived. Considering the pivotal role, our smart phone plays in our lives; it is tough to imagine that one is not addicted to it, yet it is a better idea to give some rest to yourself and to your smartphone.

4 tips for good sleep

4 – Meditate before you sleep. The two most recommended time periods when a person should meditate are in the dawn and in the night before sleep. These two time periods provide us the needed solitude which is important for meditation.  Read my column, ‘How to start Meditation’. Simply sit with an erect spine and try to relax. No special requirements. No special techniques. All you have to do is simply; ‘RELAX’.  If you want to know about why one should meditate before going to bed then, read this column: 

2- Eat in moderation. People feel fascination towards food. Consider your body as a highly complex biological machinery. What will happen if you provide more fuel than it needed? It tries hard to process it but eventually it will develop issues. Similarly, when we eat too much we always force our bodies to metabolize unwanted food, which is the main reason behind many ailments. However, on a daily basis, it vastly affects our sleep. Our sleep acts as a natural reboot for us. While sleeping we don’t find any of our problems in our mind. When we wake up, rarely do we remember anything about the duration or conditions while we were asleep.



All these 4 habits are a challenge to make. Every suggestion mentioned above is the enemy of a particular type of addiction. We need to be more aware. We need to be more sensitive. We need to be more responsible about our own bodies. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind and a healthy sleep always makes us feel rejuvenated.

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