5 common problems while starting meditation

We never feel bothered about our emotions or our thoughts. We feel completely normal while these thoughts keep our mind occupied, be it at the time of sleep, awake or even while meditating. Such is the ‘unwanted comfort’, these emotions provide to us. Although we feel completely normal with these thoughts in our heads all the time, we feel great discomfort when we start to meditate. A beginner always tries hard to over come these thoughts residing in his own mind.  So, let’s have a look at these 5 common problems while starting meditation. 

Time – Our sense of passing Time plays a pivotal role in our lives. It helps us to relate with the continuous change going all around and inside us. We might have discovered it out of the necessity to remember important occurrences, but slowly it merged in our daily lives with supreme efficiency. Now we can barely imagine our lives without time. When we were born or when we will die, might sound reasonable to some, actually are highly absurd notions. Does it make any effect if one knows about the date, on which he will be dying? It is enough to know that everyone will die, eventually. Under certain conditions, to keep record of when someone was born is a more logical term to know about, but sadly the idea of time is deep rooted in our psyche, which relates to ‘the sense of growing old till our death’. All our lives, we keep ourselves occupied to delay that process. This process of keeping ourselves occupied faces a challenge when we sit in meditation. When we try to look in the present in it’s face and to be fully aware of this present moment.  

With a deep rooted fear of death, whenever we close our eyes to sit in meditation, we always come face to face with our insecurities. Someone is meditating and an idea struck to him that it’s been nearly 15 minutes while sitting in meditation, and here vanishes the peace. Our sense of time easily manipulates us and leads us to discomfort.  Meditation is a self giving process. It demands absolute surrender, instead of making opinions about various aspects. Fortunately, we learn to keep this idea aside, while we make advances in our meditation practice.

Fear – It is being said that a child bears only two types of fears. Kindly click here and go through this link to know about this topic in detail. First is of ‘falling down’ and the second is of ‘loud noises’. Over the time a child outgrow these types of fears, while simultaneously growing and adding new fears to his personality. Slowly, we divulge into our set course of life while we do tremendous efforts to add some more punch in our lives. Over the time all our fears can be associated with only one thing and that is Change. Attachments to the present situation and fear of uncertainty, brings great discomfort to us. Nothing can replace it except knowledge of that unknown or the awareness about the fact that ‘Nothing is permanent’.

Such deep rooted insecurities easily force a novice mind into great depths of discomfort. It is not essential that someone might feel a particular type of fear while in meditation, instead one surely would feel various kinds of discomforts, all of which originate through a particular sense of fear. 

In the next part, I will cover the remaining three emotions, which a beginner faces while meditation.

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