5 meditation problems: Everyone has these.

In my previous post,  I have discussed about 2 integral part or emotions of our minds.  To know more about how these ideas come across our minds while we close our eyes, read my previous post.

 Read it here – 5 common problems while starting meditation

Concluding the topic, over here I discuss the three remaining problems, which every novice practitioner use to face. First among these, is the idea of pain or discomfort.

Sensory Perception– This is often the first problem which any practitioner would face. One is sitting, trying to concentrate and suddenly he realizes that there is a pain growing in the lower back or discomfort in the knee or maybe something else. The involuntary functions of the human body play the game here. The nerves always feel. They never stop. They carry the sensations to the mind, where mind reads that sensation, and project a resulting impulse as an answer to it. That is where we know about the significance about a quiet mind. A mind which barely reacts. Such an issue can be easy to handle if any individual has the basic requirement for starting a meditation practice and that is an erect spine.

The very essence of Hatha Yoga starts with a good and erect posture. Everything else can be ignored but a misaligned Spine, as it contains the energy points or Chakras in itself cannot be ignored. Wonderful is the energy of that person who holds a spine erect, like a trunk of a tree. It shows the stability of the mind and the vigor of the will. With such an erect posture comes a balance between several muscles which act in perfect harmony to always keep that spine upright. In every stream of Yoga, we see that there is this basic acknowledgment of sitting with an erect spine, while going in to meditation. With continuous practice, we achieve that state where the center of gravity of the body stays intact while we advance into our meditation. Needless to say, such a state of deep concentration cannot be achieved with a compromised sitting or any other posture where our nerves force our mind to react over a certain discomfort.


Desire – If fear sits on the one side of coin, Desire sits at the opposite end. Together, they create a never ending cycle with seemingly doesn’t end. Such a simple notion it is, that we always want be the possessor of something we do not possess and once we possess that, we never want to lose it after. It is quiet common to face similar thoughts while we are meditating, as we have never trained our minds to think otherwise. When relatively superior realizations occur during the constant meditation practice, an individual automatically feels detachment towards any desire.

Aversion – Desire and aversion sit on the either sides of the coin. We love something or someone, similarly we use to hate something or someone. We all know that how easy is to fall prey to a negative situation. Negativity attracts our minds like a magnet attracts a piece of iron. No wonder, while we sit in meditation, instead of facing various types of negative emotions, we often come face to face with emotions which are aversive in nature..

It does not matter what thoughts or what types of thoughts arises when we meditate. With patience and perseverance, one can easily overcome such obstacles. Read my Beginner’s Guide to Meditation here.

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