A single thought has the power to change the whole Nature.

Nature is all about action and is continuously changing with every passing moment. Action or movement is the fundamental behavior of ‘Nature’. All of this action might look chaotic to us, but once we are able to perceive things from a larger perspective, we surely would find out that everything in this nature is in a state of complete synchronicity.

On the other side, this seemingly chaotic looking movement is a result of our weakened state of mind through which we are unable to process the subtle movements of Nature.

However, not everyone possesses the kind of perception, through which one is able to see the harmony, instilled in the Nature. As a matter of fact, whatever chaos we might find ourselves in, is a direct result of our own thought process which is highly inconsistent and at several times, destructive in nature. This inconsistent and fickle thought process always develops vague theories and beliefs about any topic. Spirituality is a perfect example in this case. People follow various theories while having a sense of spirituality yet many of them fails to attain a state of peace. Now, one may ask that what is wrong with that, if things are in a perfect harmony on a larger scale.

The idea is to feel the harmony on an individual basis which we find ourselves unable to feel. We feel disturbed, insecure and fearful. It might look as a perfect idea to accept that nothing is wrong in Nature but ‘everything is wrong in my life’. Instead, we can look upon our own life. We can make it better. We can be wishful for a better future ahead. However, all of this requires detachment from the ideology of relative happiness and similar negative emotions.

The purpose of our actions must reach beyond the idea of trying to gain control over situations. Our life is not some kind of a power game. It surely is on a social level but not on a level of an individual. In fact it is possible to control situations and live a life on your own terms once we know about our own individuality. We surely can. But, prior to that, we need to ask ourselves about the essence or the importance of action in our lives. How our actions play a vital role in our life?

In Sanskrit, the word used for action is ‘Karma’. Before going further one needs to understand the definition of ‘Karma’.

Our minds are constantly fluctuating. It is like the water which has air dissolved in it. So, whenever an individual desires to search and look for air, he goes on and raises his head to the upper atmosphere. It can be argued that he can also look for the air, which is dissolved in the water itself, but he chooses to skip it. In fact that is the correct way. That is the only way which leads us to our true potential.

In a similar fashion, instead of being aware of our own thought, we simply choose to perform the easiest action relating to that thought. We can call this as, taking actions on the basis of convenience. While living through the ‘help of convenience’ we surely forget about the much important characteristics such as morality or compassion in our life. Unfortunately, without the sense of morality one simply can’t differentiate between right or wrong. That is the biggest drawback while living on the course of ‘convenience’.

A single thought has the power to change the whole Nature.

By falling prey to our deep rooted impulses, we are unable to understand the fact that how significant we are in this whole Nature.

We need to be more attentive towards our thoughts. An individual’s personality easily reflects the kind of thoughts he is having in his mind. Such a power our thoughts behold. Unfortunately, whenever I witness the behavior of people around me, all I see is a population which is living through some disturbance. Either their thoughts remain unanswered for the whole life or they are living along while producing incorrect actions which doesn’t co-relate with the thoughts in their mind.

That is the importance of right action. It’s highly balanced, productive and provides peace in the process. A right action always consists of morality and thought assessment. When a person is able to repeatedly behave in a disciplined manner, he also gains an active insight which helps him in taking the right decisions without making much of a delay. We call this as Intuition.

Initially the action only has form of thought in our mind but it is totally up to an individual to act upon that thought or simply chooses to ignore that thought. That is where WILL comes at play. When an individual is able to witness his thoughts, one can also try to deny certain thoughts or cravings, if only one wishes to. However, that wish has to be subtle yet powerful. However, if a person chooses to act according to older behavior patterns on a repetitive basis, then it can surely be considered as a ‘symbol of weaknesses.


Self-belief is an idea which only enables a person to sense that there are no differences between him and the Nature or Existence.

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