About Me

Always remember the fact that you are experiencing your own thoughts.

Hello, My name is Tathagat and I am a certified Yoga trainer as well as a person who is deeply engrossed in Spirituality.

Although I sincerely respect all school of thoughts prevalent all around the globe, still I personally take great amount of interest in Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism. 

Over here, I am going to share experiences from my own transcending journey. I am also going to share my thoughts about several of those subjects about which people would often feel confused and hesitant to discuss it with others.

As I am being able to see that every single moment within our lives provides us the opportunity of a transformation; however, it is only about the wish and will of an individual to embrace such an enormous change. Furthermore, the cost of such transformation might surprise you as it demands someone to loosen up the knots which are rooted deep inside of your own personalities.

Don't be afraid of the change. Go ahead and embrace it.


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