About Me

Always remember the fact that you are experiencing your own thoughts.

Hello, My name is Tathagat and I am a being in a process of Self-Realization. 

Over here, I am going to share experiences from my own transcending journey as well as I am also going to share my thoughts about several subjects about which people would often feel confused. I also find it hard to digest that how poetic several people turn while describing something as simple as Existence. 

As I am slowly witnessing the fact that every moment provides us the opportunity of a transformation. It is only about the wish and will, to go through that transformation. However, The cost of such transformation might surprise you as it demands to loosen up the knots which are rooted deep inside of your own personality.

There is absolutely nothing complicated in this Existence. The problem always arises through our confused thoughts, which further lead us to a place where we develop an addiction towards indulgence of unnecessary actions.

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