An adult’s way to increase their learning capacity.


Human beings are definitely one of those beings which are programmed to collect a vast amount of knowledge while living through their whole life span. But, I wonder that how much we actually utilize this capacity of learning, which seems like an exclusive quality which only belongs to us; the human beings. However, that’s not the question over here which needs to be taken into consideration.

On the contrary, we are talking about increasing the intensity of this so called learning capacity, which plays a pivotal role within the lives of every single human being.

There is a hidden obstacle within ourselves, which stops us from learning.

Have you ever have given a thought about the differences between a child and an adult? Well, there are obviously many of these differences, but there is one specifically significant difference between us.

You can easily see that an adult never thinks about himself as someone who carries a limited amount of knowledge. No matter what he thinks about himself or how humble he becomes, he always reaches a point of inertia where he found himself while holding hands of his own Ego. If I have to put it straight then I would say that this is the point where he starts to think that he sits at the center of the universe while the whole universe is performing revolutions around him. Unfortunately, this sense of self-importance also acts as the biggest obstacle in an adult’s life which always stops him from learning anything new in his life.

On the other side, a child barely thinks anything at all about himself in the context of self importance. We can also say that a child barely clings to any kind of emotions which can relate to the idea of self-importance.

He barely tends to relate with anything else within his life other than the absolute necessities which are food, water and happiness. That is why I believe that a child is very much similar to a transparent glass through which the light rays passes without any obstruction.

An adult’s way to increase their learning capacity.

While, on the other side an adult also craves for happiness throughout his whole life but his criteria for happiness is quite delusional. Not only that, he usually thinks that he also needs to make an opinion about all the hidden reasons behind every single emotion which he is experiencing in his life. We usually call this process as ‘identification’.

This process within the mind of an adult always keeps his mind occupied with infinite number of thoughts which acts as the perfect fuel for every single emotion related to self importance, commonly called as the Ego. Knowingly or unknowingly he goes on living throughout his whole life by making opinions about several subjects and becoming the master of absolutely none.

This is what we call as the distraction of an ultimate magnitude where an onlooker finds that the situation which belongs to him is actually under his full control. Whereas, in reality his false idea of self always works as a hindrance eventually putting a barrier over his ability of experiencing and learning about the reality, as it is.

The game of our own self-importance.

This thin membrane of self-importance within our minds always keeps a person at bay, while one tries to experience happiness. Unfortunately this happiness always stays still at the other side of this fictional wall. That is why it doesn’t matter at all that how desperately someone wants a small piece of this happiness in one’s own life; it always stays a small distance apart from that individual.

Once developed, this quality simply works like a magic. One would realise that he has grown a vast amount of acceptance within himself once this this sheath of self importance has gone down. Not only this much but with the help of this acceptance, an individual develops a higher state of wisdom within himself. 

Acceptance is a major quality, which needs to be developed within the human mind for the sake of bringing any kinds of improvements within the scale of our learning capacity. The reason behind this statement is quite simple. You see, this wonderful quality of acceptance always works in a completely inversely manner to the quality of self importance. Or in simple terms, the more someone carries the emotion of self importance, the lesser he is bound to become acceptable towards the fragile reality which is always present in front of our eyes and actually is continuously going through a change.

The Childlike ‘acceptance’.

 The good news is that we are gifted with the natural ability to accept the change. Let me provide you an example, so that the essence of the thought become more clear.

I hope you have seen a fight or a duel between two kids. Now compare that fight with a duel happening among the adults. I am not going to compare the intensity of the fight between these two groups because both of them are quite similar and usually carry similarities in the of intensities. However, what actually brings difference is the behavior pattern shown by these individuals after their respective fights.

An adult’s way to increase their learning capacity.

You see, as I have said before that all the children always carry a great amount of acceptance within them. This quality comes as a natural trait in every single child, as it vastly helps them to accommodate and grow in the ever changing world. It becomes especially important when they need to learn every single skill, which is being used within the world of the adults. That is how acceptance helps a child to grow well in his life and become a qualified adult in his later years.

However, with the abundance of acceptance within them, it is also an obvious fact that they are bound to move on in life in and forgive others without facing any kind of issues. The reason behind this is quite simple.

It happens because forgiveness develops automatically in an individual as a side effect, after one reaches through the gates of acceptance. Thus a child, who carries acceptance as a survival skill, also carries a lot of the forgiveness within him because it simply helps him to settle down and enjoy the newly gifted life.

Now, I am not saying over here that forgiveness is absolute. Forgiveness surely is quantitative in nature. But a childlike acceptance and forgiveness is surely a big deal to achieve for an adult. However, let me tell you that we are not discussing about the measurements of forgiveness over here. On the contrary, what I am saying over here is that any kind of forgiveness acts as a catalyst in moving ahead within the life and enables an individual to reach through the gates of a productive goal.

You see, this type of moving ahead in life is a much healthier version if we have to compare it with the definition of moving ahead of the adults. Now do remember over here that the kind of acceptance adults usually talk about is completely pathetic. For some unknown reasons, we the adults believe in moving ahead in life with the presence of acceptance, which unfortunately is very crude in nature.

I am saying this because I feel that we always try to move ahead in life with a sense of selfishness attached to it. That is not what we can call as acceptance; instead it can be safely termed as ‘continuous demanding and manipulation with the natural flow of reality’. Now let me make this statement more clear.

An adult’s way to increase their learning capacity.

Just look at the one side where the children find it completely fine to develop affection towards the same person against whom they have developed animosity, only a few moments ago. On the other side, we the adults comfortably believe in the fact that it is completely fine to hate others and move ahead in life. But that is not all. As we move ahead in life, we usually carry a great amount of animosity within our minds while showing affection over the surface to show how wise actually we are to the outside world.

And only if I have to provide one single reason behind the development of such a diabolical wisdom then I must say, that it surely is our own sense of ‘self importance’; or the so called imaginary identification with our own insecurities which we often term as “ego”.

Unfortunately, these insecurities often increase with time or as we grow old. That is how the naturally gifted learning capacity of acceptance starts to deteriorate, in a slow but steady manner.

What needs to be done?

I hope you would have guessed it by now that this article is not about scoring more marks in the examination hall. It is much more than that. What I am talking about here is the fact that we have switched the axis of our lives to something deteriorating and devastating.

Thus, I am going to put it straight over here that we need to let go this pathetic emotion of self importance.

Gaining more and more happiness within our lives, acts as a motivational core within our lives. But it is to our misfortune that we become slave of the results which are being provided by our own actions. These results, which come from our own actions continuously feed our egos or sense of self importance. We start to feel superior from such results and crave for that sense of superiority within our lives, when we tap in to the adulthood. Eventually in this process, we completely forget about our natural instinct to be happy in every situation and that is where our learning tends to become ‘conditional’.

And the reason once again, is quite simple. It happens because we are not in control of our own lives; instead our sense of self importance or our Ego is. So, the solution for this problem is quite simple.

Just drop this sense of self importance from your life and learn to be happy, again in every situation. Accept the changes, forgive the people, and enjoy your life. You can believe me over this fact that this practice will also enable your mind to learn every single thing coming across your life in the most efficient way

The reason behind this is, “that you have learnt again to truly enjoy this life and move on over any situation; whatever the life comes along with”.

An adult’s way to increase their learning capacity.
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