You are attached to negativity if you are feeling sad all the time.

What makes us  so anxious in our lives?  What is that energy source , acting from behind, which ultimately create various sort of  tidal waves  in the silent ocean of our minds? It’s nothing else but  our own ‘uncontrolled mind’.  The mind while being devoid of something fruitful, often roam around in the wonderlands of our own ‘past experiences’.  Our craving for a certain situation, create a conflicted personality as we feel attachments towards the past, we were part of and which has been long gone. Needless to say, such fixation can surely change the course of one’s future, that too in a negative manner.  Time to ask yourself,  are you also attached to ‘Negativity? 

I have always wondered that our attachment is not limited towards the material possessions we own. The issue is rooted on a much deeper level than that. The topic I am talking about over here is about our own attachments towards pain and grief, and how we always opt to stick to it. In simple words, this is what I call as our own ‘attachment to the negativity’.

 What I am stating here, is the agony we carry, even when we move ahead in our lives. It is the same pain, which we have suffered somewhere back in the past, and instead of leaving it all behind, we actually nurture it till our very own death. We want to live with it, while having a vague belief in our mind that keeping such memories will help us in the future. On the contrary, quiet often we make a comfort zone, all made up of our past experiences.  

The problem with this idea is that a person holding to one’s own past, develop a rather conflicted personality. Such a person never wishes to unleash his true potential and such a person’s judgment is based upon the negativity, to which one is fixated.  That is when one feels like that his life is simply stuck.


Our Attachments towards Negativity.

     It is definitely not easy to overcome these thoughts. A will of iron is needed in the person who intends to hail above the dark clouds, created within one’s own mind.  However, it is quite easy to take the first step. We are so much absorbed in our own thoughts that we never took the idea into consideration that we are quite separate from our own thoughts. 

 Such a realization that your thoughts are immaterial and are not independent, can be of great help.  Any thought consumes our energy, period. Keep this in mind. The moment a person realizes this fact, immediately, one would feel a relief in the crowded mind of  his own.  It might sound easy and upfront, but only a regular  practice can bear the desired fruits. Practice it for a week. Keep on reminding yourself about this practice. I assure this, that one would be able to filter these thoughts with much ease than before, after all,  a well planted thought has the ability to heal old wounds.        



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