Compatibility vs Compromise. What’s the central idea behind a successful relationship?

To have a compatible person in one’s life is bliss like no other, but, quite often we fall short in front of our temptations and start a relationship with a wrong person. Going over great distances while providing great efforts to sustain into that relationship, we are either bound to fail at one point, or keep on living with a sense of defeat. At these tough times, a false notion arises in our mind that surely a compatible partner is someone who is able to make the most number of compromises to keep up with the relationship. Let's dig deep into this here and find out the necessary quotient needed behind a successful relationship.

Compatibility has many faces. There is surely a certain amount of compatibility in a Parental or Sibling relationships but all of these are naturally gifted to us. Also it is quite evident that, as we spend more time with an individual, the relationship is bound to be healthy or should I say compromised, except with the case of our parents with whom we always share unconditional and a mutual trust. It always happens while living under a common roof, every individual always finds a way to think in a certain way which doesn’t hurt the others.  

However, as a person grow old, one realizes that one must find a suitable partner with whom one can share a roof without making any sorts of compromises. There are certain factors which act behind the determination of that suitable partner. Physical attributes, Mental well being, Emotional spectrum and Financial stability etc. are among the few criteria which play a major role while looking for an partner. Some of these are artificial instincts while the others grew in our minds as a part of human evolution. Our temptations although always help us to merge in the outside world, are also responsible for our impulsive behavior. There are certain times when our intelligence takes a back seat and our blind instincts overpower our decision making skills. Going even further, after going into a relationship which doesn’t seems to work well; a person chooses to justify it to even greater extent. We have a lot of examples all around us and of course I am surely not saying that people should get rid of these relationships. On the contrary, if an individual is living under an institution like marriage, then it is often considered as a wise decision to abide by the rules which can keep the relationship alive. However, the terms and conditions also vastly depends upon the culture and the surroundings, the individual is living in.


We surely can find a perfect match for us, but there are other factors at play which eventually rise while determining the fate of a relationship. There is a perfect example and also an epitome of stupidity regarding to this subject in a sacred Hindu text named ‘Ramayana’. In Ramayana, there was a King who was literally a Lord incarnate named Rama. Rama, who was to be considered as a perfect match along with his consort named Sita, eventually ordered Sita to leave the palace, when she was pregnant. I won’t go into the deeper details of this story. I would suggest you to go through this article to get a brief perspective:

From being a King of Kings to a predestined action, there are various justifications available in the scriptures, yet none can come up with an answer to a question, that, how his compatibility with his wife failed miserably?

The idea behind this story is that in our life, compatibility can also fail at certain times. At such difficult times, compatibility always comes up second to the idea of situational analysis and its rectification. The two individuals must abide to certain rules and find a solution, in a mature and a mutual manner. There should be no impulsive behavior prior to making any decisive judgments.

It also forces me to think that there is much more to compatibility than feeling loved and secured all the time. As the time around us is continuously moving forward, nobody among us is full proof against the change it can bring. Even the two most compatible partners might have to go separate ways. With all of that taken into consideration, I can surely say that I have finally found the definition of a compatible partner. Compatibility among individuals is totally dependent upon the trust they share among each other. It has absolutely nothing to do with predestined qualities. With a mutual respect and trust in a relationship, even a spark of intelligence from the two individuals comes out victorious against the tides of bad times.

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