God helps those who use their Common sense

There comes a time in our lives when we feel disheartened. We want our ‘wants’ to be fulfilled, no matter what the situation is. Unfortunately, disheartening always evokes our emotional side and forces us to think in an impulsive manner. In such an impulse, many people pursue the course of spirituality for the attainment of peace, where as all they need in their life at such a time is nothing but the achievement of their goal. That is where a person needs to execute a plan with patience, common sense and utmost perseverance.

Somewhere people consider spirituality as an effective way to corner their life problems. In fact, it is safe to say that mostly people tend to relate with spirituality only when a problem arises in their lives. As a matter of fact it is safe to say that not everyone craves for a sense of spirituality, yet everyone surely chooses to follow a particular route, only in the hope of ‘achieving a mere sense of it’, so that they also can feel the sense of peace in their own lives. 

However, Spirituality only arrives in a person’s life when one has no other options left except surrender and with surrender comes a sense of Self-Belief.

 That is where I believe that Common Sense is much easier to practice yet a more potent tool to solve our daily problems.

 On the other side, Spirituality is a raw gem which is hidden deep inside every individual’s consciousness. It demands for a clear idea of discipline to be followed, to turn it into a beautiful and a light emitting diamond. Spirituality is surely an essential aspect which can introduce us to peace and serenity however it’s surely not an easy aspect to develop within our lives. As we are exposed to a highly stimulating environment where we are going through a continuous stream of unwanted data, it is a tough task to develop an insight. Such a development towards gaining something as substantial as spirituality surely demands for a potent combination of will, perseverance and determination. While constantly living in a state of flux which is far from the reality, unfortunately that is not acceptable to many among us.

We have developed a bi-polar approach towards life, through which we always differentiate and limit our life between problems and solutions.

As simple as it sounds to say, that one needs to follow his heart or wait for the right time to let the correct thing happen; it is surely much difficult to practice along with patience. A correct decision always takes a person to a place of happiness and content [even if the happiness lasts only for few moments]. That is where logical analysis, patience and understanding play their role. Only a correct decision is able to gift us with an answer to our queries, which can provide us nothing but the absolute logic, present behind that situation. Such answers coming up in succession will eventually calm our mind to such an extent, where we find ourselves more connected to our inner-being.

Intuitive decisions might feel addictive in nature and overpower our logical thinking; however, I strongly insist that we should not always listen to our heart. It’s not necessary at all that a person’s heart or intuitive thinking is having an idea which makes sense, although we can surely listen to it and contemplate. Do listen to it, but don’t follow it blindly.  On the other side, usage of Common sense always helps in taking the right decisions as it contains the fine blend of situational analysis as well as intuitive thinking. 

How to use our common sense?

The simple answer is ‘Don’t Hurry and Think twice’. Slowly you will find yourselves in a place where your decisions will turned out to be more reasonable rather than impulsive, and who surely doesn’t like to take subtle and meaningful decisions? Of course, everyone wants that.

Acquire that skill where your mind is able to distinguish between the nonsense and the useful. A person would find himself in much more comfortable situations while using his common-sense in abundance. While living in the world which is full of mirage, it is a quite a useful skill to learn, to tackle the struggle called life.

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