How do you see spirituality?


We have always known that people have various belief systems depending upon the kind of social structure they are in; or the kind of insight, they have access to.

Usually, we see among the people, that their knowledge [ or ideas ] relating to spirituality goes with various changes throughout their whole lives. But the insight remains absent, which is needed to comprehend over any kind of philosophy.

In the absence of an effective insight, an individual’s mind feels unable to comprehend over the subtle subjects which are essential for any kind of spiritual growth. Such a person is bound to act like a zombie, who is going ahead with living, to find and hunt over the most appropriate subject, with which his mind can be able to relate with. Hence, it is highly recommended that one asks the right questions, so that the answer can help in the spiritual ascension of an individual.

It is impossible to develop an insight, when the mind of the seer is always occupied with making comparisons and trying to evaluate different ideologies.  That is the only reason I believe that we have a very serious question over here.

An opportunity to look within ourselves.

We have a very important question with us. One can easily find the significance of this question, as it penetrates within the mind and enables an individual to evaluate those reasons, which are acting, behind his own version of spirituality.

Hence, I would highly recommend everyone to ask this question to thyself; irrespective of the fact that whether you have any inclination towards spirituality or not. Go on and ask yourself, what is the reason behind, ‘you being a spiritual person’ or ‘how do YOU see spirituality’?

How do you see spirituality?

How do I see Spirituality?

However, as the question has been asked to me, I would consider myself as the subject in this talk.

I would like to keep it simple and brief over here. Hence, I would say that, every single moment which can be considered as absurd and uncommon in nature, gifts us a much greater chance to grow intimacy towards spirituality.

Every such moment always provides the individual, a chance to raise an extreme question which can only be matched by a ‘permanent answer’; as the very essence of the spirituality lies within the idea of a permanent solution to our every problem.

Or we can also say that if the life is only about gratification then, spirituality is surely about the end of that gratification.”

However, we need to go into the details to find out more about this subject.

Spirituality is always hidden in every moment within our lives.

Whenever we try to evaluate our lives on a superficial front, we can easily find that the whole life is a bunch of ‘different kind of situations’. Considering my own experience with life, I can safely assure you, that life can be divided into two aspects. These aspects are:

  • Those conditions, which make any sense to my mind.
  • Those conditions, which are completely absurd in nature.
How do you see spirituality?

Not every situation pose a threat to our sanity. in fact, some things 'do' make sense in our lives.

Life is surely full of challenges. However, there is an interesting catch to this statement.

We can easily find out that whenever we face challenges in our daily lives while facing certain conditions; we usually are also equipped with an easy answer to it. That is what makes this first category so interesting.

For example, someone knows that he needs to drink water when he is feeling thirsty. Hence, the ‘thirst’ acts as the question and the ‘water’ is the seemingly perfect answer to quench his thirst. Similarly, whenever our mind generates a signal, which is related to hunger; we know that the answer to hunger is food.

Hence we are always aware within our subconscious state of mind, that there is always a quick fix for the temporary fulfillment of these subtle, yet continuous questions. With the help of these quick fixes, our mind is able to feel a temporary sense of content and relief.

That’s what makes this life so beautiful. Isn’t it? Well, I would beg to differ with it.

It is of no wonder to me, that people enjoy their daily lives. They take great pleasure in tackling these questions or challenges. However, our pain starts when the number of challenges or questions exceeds the number of easy answers.

We do know that people absolutely love it when they feel thirsty or hungry. Or in other words, people are thirsty towards the ‘feeling of thirst’.

However, spirituality motivates us, to find permanent answers to whatever question we face in our lives. That surely demands a great amount of courage and a vast amount of discontent to ask questions which are extreme in nature.

But people are always afraid to raise these bigger questions which are extreme in nature. Even further, we also know that often people follow the route of spirituality to increase the sense of pleasure within their lives. Hence, it is of no wonder to me that ‘feeling good’ always comes as an easier option; ‘just like the fast food’.

What are these ‘feeling good’ emotions?

There are many emotions which usually provide us relief or happiness, for an example Love, Affection, Care, Achievement, Ambition, Aspiration, sense of Superiority etc.

Every single emotion over here is an ‘epitome of gratification’ in its own distinctive way. For example, we know that the sense of love always craves, for an absolute surrender from a different person. Similarly the ‘sense of ambition’, demands an achievement of the determined goal.

That is how we are able to witness the fact that every single one of these emotions is directly connected to a deeper ‘sense of gratification’. 

However, that is not the end of the story.

 These gratifying emotions are also present within our physical bodies in the form of ‘sensations’, for example, we feel a great sense of relief whenever we rub an itching part or the sense of relief which comes when pain subsides after an injury or when we quench our thirst with water after we have gone through a hot day.

Can you see how we are continuously diffusing these situations, with a temporary answer without even closely looking at it?

I believe that you can see now, that it is the ‘easy availability of an answer’, to certain problems, which gives the mind a great sense of pleasure to tackle with these problems. These problems are so common and repetitive within our lives that these are no longer a challenge to us. Hence, it is for this similar reason, every good moment of our life feels so gratifying and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, these quick fixes, take away our opportunity to ask ourselves, ‘what is present in the water, which is so subtle yet evident; which quenches the thirst of the body’?

I believe, after attaining a certain level of transparency; a person might also find asking bigger questions, such as ‘what is the purpose of this body if we can never ever fulfill its cravings?’

The serious threat comes from uncomfortable moments.

Unlike the, pleasurable emotions which can be cured, by providing a counter; these relatively intense emotions does not hold, any kind of answer. Hence, an individual chooses to move ahead in life with a sense of hope, retreat as well as, ‘surrender’.

It happens, because our limited intellect is under-grown. It doesn’t hold the qualities, which are needed to comprehend over the much larger questions imposed over us, by nature. For example, we all are aware of the fact that, ‘fear of death’ is a much easier response in comparison with ‘contemplation over death’.

How do you see spirituality?

Therefore, the mind uses its subtle quality to switch tracks to provide stay in a state of comfort. The only purpose of this is to live a seemingly peaceful daily life instead of facing bigger questions, where we might feel triggered to know more about ‘the central meaning’.

However, this constant aggregation of these uncomfortable moments stays in the back of our minds creating vast amount of restlessness and it is this great amount of restlessness, which eventually triggers the spirituality in the constantly engaged human mind.

That is why I believe that it is our great fortune, that these moments provide us a much bigger opportunity where we can ask ourselves, bigger questions such as:

Is there any phenomenon present inside or outside the creation; which stays as, ever-existing and never changing?”

How do you see spirituality?

If a person even tries to comprehend over such questions then I would say, that he has taken his first steps towards finding a reasonable and a rather permanent answer.

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