How does meditation boost our immunity?

We all are well aware of the fact that there are numerous benefits of meditation; so much so that it is no longer a vague subject which stays as a matter of debate. It surely is beneficial and whatever science we know in the present times, approves its benefits which simply are vast in nature. In fact there also are several scientific researches, supporting the fact that the simple practice of sitting in silence does have immense benefits over our mental and physical bodies.

However, before progressing towards the deeper benefits of meditation, I prefer to have a superficial outlook; as the question is about the human immune system and how does it gets strengthened by performing the art of meditation. So let’s have a look at it in a step-by-step process.

The simplest way to identify our own presence.

There are many ways through which we can identify our own existence. We can simply say that we are a body containing a brain [the think tank] and various organs [the survival units]. However, the subject is bit more subtle in nature than simply labeling ourselves as a large chunk of human flesh which loves to think and stay mobile at most of the times. Hence we need to elaborate this topic even further as it is surely not that simple as it sounds. It is also important because a broader view towards our own presence surely would help us to realize the deeper benefits of meditation.

On a superficial scale, we know that there are different senses within the human body. These senses work as a bridge between our own mind and the world which is always happening outside. Apparently there also are those functions which every single sense usually performs. For example, our eyes use to see the outer views. But is that it?

Now it might sound confusing a bit but realize this fact that the function of witnessing is much more subtle than the organs relating to that function. Be it an eye or the nerves which carry the visual impulses towards the brain. Now you might ask that what am I trying to say over here.

Well, all of these organs, senses and functions can be considered as the bottom line of our own existence, as all these are quite visible or shall I say evident to the human mind. Yet, none among these senses are as evident and bold enough as the two very specific actions, which are there happening within our bodies at all the times.

How does meditation boost our immunity?

These two functions which I am talking about over here are:

  • The thoughts [ Perception ]
  • The breath.

We surely can’t imagine living our whole lives without the presence of any single one of these. Such is the depth and importance, these subtle activities hold within our lives. Isn’t it?

Furthermore, these two occurrences are so refined or subtle in nature that it can easily inform a qualified professional about the ailments which are there present within the body. For example, we know that a physician often tracks the movement patterns of the breath to track down the irregularities within the physical body. Whereas a psychologist [or a neurologist] tries to track the thought patterns to find out the hidden conditions, which are there present within the mind.

Furthermore, another significant aspect which can easily be distinguished is the fact that both of these activities are continuous in nature. So much so, that it simply goes on and on until the time of our death. Or we can also term death as a condition where a person stops breathing and thinking.

How does meditation helps with the process of healing?

We are continuously thinking and breathing which guarantees that we stay in a state of anxiety at all the times. However, it surely is an intriguing aspect that both of these activities always slow down to a great extent at the time of our sleep. Furthermore, the tricky thing over here is the direct relation between the slowing down of these two processes and the fact that it is only the state of sleep when our bodies relax and heal itself.

Thus, I hope that one is able to easily identify with the fact that the slowing down of breath and thoughts is actually healing for our bodies and the mind. It is even more rewarding if it happens in a natural manner.

Interestingly, any person who uses to do meditation on a regular basis would be easily able to capture the fact that there are indeed some similarities between meditation and the sleep. Or shall I say that both of these actually are healing for the same reason, at least on a superficial level. Yet, the intensity of the healing aspect of meditation easily surpasses to that of the sleep.`

Hence, without any delay I shall discuss about the similarities which we are discussing over here. Hence, the two similarities between sleep and meditation are:

  • The slowing down of the breath.
  • The limited amounts of thoughts.

Now, I believe that it becomes quite evident as a fact that slowing down of these two occurrences surely support the healing system within our bodies.

How does meditation boost our immunity?

Or we can also say that both of these occurrences are immensely relaxing for our physical and mental bodies. This relaxation becomes even more significant only when we consider the fact that our whole body mostly stays tense and feels overloaded at most of the times.

Hence it is safe to say that it is only the process of relaxation which performs the removal of the excess load from the already over loaded immune system or every other system, present within our bodies.

However, I must remind you that there surely are many more benefits of meditation other than relaxing our physical and mental bodies. That being said, there surely is one major difference between sleep and meditation, which actually is quite huge in itself.

As you can easily see by yourself that neither we perceive the reality which is present outside nor do we feel our own presence while we are in the state of sleep. While on the other side, one always stays aware of his presence while we are in meditation; which simply means that although I feel totally relaxed like I use to be in my sleep yet the fact is that ‘I am not sleeping’. And what else can I say other than, ‘that surely is one major difference’.

Meditation : A deeper inspection of its benefits.

Meditation is surely relaxing for our bodies, period. However, what one needs to realize is the fact that I am not only talking about our physical bodies or our brains. I am also not talking about the relaxation of the organs or the relaxation of the senses. Let me be very clear over here that the benefits of meditation within the realms of the mind are much more comprehensive than those benefits which usually happen over our physical or visible bodies.

However, the greatest healing aspect of the meditation sits with the fact that it enables a person to gain more clarity in his life. The reason behind this is quite simple though. With the absence of infinite thoughts which are always related to the infinite amount of possibilities towards the future and immense pain from the past, a person eventually gains clarity towards the present, one is living in.

With that being said, it becomes obvious that such a person eventually develops a positive outlook towards the life. And that is when it happens to him that all the things, which are there present within his own self or his surroundings, arrive to a state of harmony.

How does meditation boost our immunity?

Another subtle healing aspect of meditation is that a practitioner soon attains a mind and body which can easily tackle the unneeded thoughts, pain and pleasures. Such a state eventually leads him to a state where someone doesn’t need to feel bothered about anything at all. He stays happy and content with whatever he holds within his life at the immediate or the present moment. And I believe that such a state is nothing less than but an asset to us, which surely can be termed as the only definition of what we call as, ‘the true health’.

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