How does the mindfulness works?

Mindfulness, allows a person to 'connect efficiently' with his own body and mind; eventually leading to a state of elevated awareness.

However, if you didn’t understand what I just said, then I would recommend you to perform this exercise. As the exercise is quite simple to perform, so there is no need to feel bothered about it.

All you need to do is to ‘start writing about whatever is going on within your mind.’

Don’t push yourself to do this exercise for the upcoming weeks or so. NO. Simply ‘try’ to write whatever comes in the mind for the duration of only a single minute. That’s it and nothing more.

I can tell you that only this much effort is enough to realize the chaotic nature of the mind. This state of ‘unknowing’ of physical and mental movements is better to be realized on our own; to reach a state of mindfulness.


What to expect in the state of mindfulness?

However if you are not going to write your thoughts on a piece of paper; then let me tell you what might happen to you, only if you have decided to go with it.

Let’s put it straight. Initially, one will surely be overwhelmed by the ‘excessive intensity’ and the ‘ lack of integrity’, present within the thoughts. 

Even further, it is also a guarantee that you will find great difficulty while trying to monitor the whirlwind of your own thoughts. I can only hope that you will soon realize the fact that your mind is producing all these thoughts in a blitzing manner.

That’s not all!

You might be surprised to know that I haven’t finished yet. There is much more to learn and whatever I have said is only the partial view of a much bigger problem; which I am going to discuss in the later part of the article.

Coming back to the topic of feeling overwhelmed; I was saying that we are not aware of our own thoughts. Although, it might seem to us like we are consciously thinking; but that’s surely not the case. 

That is where things get dangerous at times because this state of  ‘unknowing’ towards any thought; mostly lead us towards generating an ‘unintentional action’. Anger is the easiest example of the ‘state of unknowing’. In this state, we completely lost control over our own mind and our surroundings. One might argue that this state of ‘unknowing’ is rare and we often regain composure within no time. Well, let me ask you a question. Don’t you think that whenever you are driving a vehicle; you are ‘only’ driving it with the help of your reflexes? The even more trickier part is that you might even do not know at all how many thoughts are going within your mind. Well, that surely seems like a sleeping state to me. The only difference is that you are driving your vehicle, instead of dreaming which we usually do at sleep.

I believe that we can easily assess the power of the mind. Actually I must say that the above mentioned example of driving, clearly shows that.

However a conscious effort is needed to utilize that power to our benefit and it’s not something tough to do either. It can easily be done only if the person chooses to close his eyes for a moment and witness the upcoming thoughts. That’s where mindfulness plays a pivotal role. 

The major realization of mindfulness.

When mindfulness arises within the mind, one easily realizes that the mind is running on an ‘auto pilot’. But the question comes that what fuels the mind to generate these thoughts?

The answer is that ‘the mind is doing its work solely based upon our certain desires and afflictions’. There are no other motivations for the mind to generate the infinite number thoughts.

However, one must do a lot of introspection before reaching out to any conclusion. In simpler terms, ‘DON’T BELIEVE OTHERS BLINDLY’. 

How does the mindfulness works?

Never ever, echo the words of others without realizing or going through some amounts of contemplation. or it might pollute your mind with a false sense of pride. Do your own effort and look within; as one’s mind must not carry the burden of the wisdom of others. Otherwise even the ‘words of wisdom’ attained by the teachings, would turn into an affliction towards ‘the sense of knowing’. In this state, a person starts to falsely believe that he ‘knows’ something; which in reality is nothing more than the experience of the others. It is also to be understood that this false sense of knowing might reflect over the surface as something called ‘false peace’.

In simpler terms, you might feel happy over the surface; but in reality the mind is ‘preserving some thoughts’ to maintain this state of peace and serenity. A question arises here that, what can be the problem, if we are feeling happy within ourselves?

Well, the answer is that, it is a temporary state of happiness. When there will be a change in the situation around you; the mind will eventually go back and repeat the older patterns; which eventually will lead you to a state of stress, anxiety or any other similar kind of negative emotions.

In simpler terms, the mind will again start to move in a ‘cyclical manner’ or start to repeat the loop of thinking. That is also the bigger problem, which i was talking about in the above mentioned lines. 

However, one must gain control over his own mind by becoming more aware of his own thoughts. An efficient tool to do that is to start meditation and look within our own mind.

However, let me remind you that one must not feel inflicted by any ambitions while going through the mediation. At some point of time, one might feel that it is surely possible for me to reach ‘enlightenment’ in a single sitting or so.It is bound to happen at some point within the meditation practice. Trust me. So be ready for it. However, it is better to avoid it when such a feeling containing a ‘Messiah Complex’ arises within the mind.

Go ahead and join a meditation class which feels comfortable to you. Or if that sounds complicated to you, then simply start with sitting silently and be watchful towards your own breath. Let the thoughts come and go. No matter what happens always come back to the breath; to find a state of composure.

You surely will start to recognize about the happenings within your own body and mind when you gain some progress within your meditation.  You will also come to realize the meaning of becoming mindful, as the universe inside you become more evident, in front of you.

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