Maya is a reality.

I have always believed in this fact that we are so afraid of this fact,that one day will come, when we will no longer exist in this world. Only our identities remain with the remains of our actions, which we had performed when we were alive. Our every bit of life goes around this idea of denial where we keep our minds occupied. This is what we call is ‘Maya’. People consider it as a ‘Lie’ or ‘Deceit’. But in several traditions, it has been considered as an integral part of the human growth, till we reach our final goal and that is to attain salvation. It is simply like the time itself is passing through us, making us more aware of the fact that we are trying hard to keep things under our control, yet we keep on realizing this again and again that we don’t have any control. This constant trying, failure, all of our desperate efforts, are the result of Maya.

 In the words of Swami Vivekananda, where he says, “A man of Science rises, he is thirsting after knowledge. No sacrifice is too great, no struggle too hopeless for him. He moves onward discovering secrets of nature, searching out the secrets from her innermost heart, and what for? What is it all for? Why should we give him glory? Does not Nature do infinitely more than any human being can do? – and nature is dull and insentient. Why should it be glory to imitate the dull, the insentient? Nature can hurl a thunderbolt of any magnitude to any distance. If a man can do one small part as much, we praise him and laud him to the skies. Why? Why should we praise him for imitating nature, imitating death, imitating dullness, imitating insentience? Yet we are all struggling after that. And this is Maya. “

 In Vedanta (specifically Advaita Vedanta), Purusha is used as a synonym for Atman or the essence. The atman or the Purusha, is the true nature of everyone and everything in the entire universe, be it visible or invisible. Maya or Nature is the active term which in combination with Purusha or Atman, makes everything possible, visible, audible, touchable and even more. Maya is conceived as a power inherent to brahman that makes the impossible possible: it makes the non-dual, formless and attributeless brahman appear to ‘be the universe and all of its inhabitants’.

We do no know about the essence, acting behind everything yet we desire to feel liberated at once. All of this comes as an impulse. In our day to day lives, we try to feel calm and composed at most of the times yet we fail miserably. That is when we raise question over the higher authority. We question our purpose, our own life and our own existence in the procedure where we fail to connect with the essence. Instead we try to contemplate about the things over which we have no hold, whatsoever. We are in a cycle. A cycle of time and causation. These two aspects are the core factors of our lives. Our whole lives revolve around these two aspects of Nature. Whenever we feel quizzed by the cycle of life, our natural instinct take over our minds. It is completely natural as we are all blessed with a instinct to attain liberation in our lives. Our feelings related to misery only trigger that feeling. We can question anything and everything. It is completely normal. But what is not normal is to ‘complaint’. Stop complaining about things which bears the fruit to the seed, sown only by you in the past. It is much better approach if we accept the nature’s flow. The time passing through our own bodies create shivers in our spine and in our minds. There is no need to worry. We are a small part of a passing time. All of this shall pass, and those who cling to the old times shall suffer. Accept the change. As that change holds the key to our peace. Accept that everything is fine as everything is going in a natural course. That peace might be our goal, yet this journey is all about Maya itself. Don’t rebel against it and accept the fact that all of this Maya, is nothing but a reality.

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