Stop repeating older patterns as they won't let you grow in life.

People live their lives according to certain patterns which they always tend to repeat for their whole lives.  In simple terminology, we live our whole life while following several set of patterns; hence it is of no wonder that there is very less amount of individuality present in the life of any individual.

 It doesn’t matter how radical we become in our lives in the hopes of finding a success; in the end it all comes up upon the kind of pattern we were following along the course of life. 


see the patterns in your life

A person’s only motive in life is to find happiness. Although, the criteria behind this happiness changes from time to time. While going on with living, sometimes an individual feels lost while on the other times one feels engaged or occupied. There are no other feelings or realizations, whatsoever. There is no sense of happiness, for which one always has been looking for. However, both of these feelings only appear at certain times. Simply put, when a person is engaged into a pattern, he feel engaged and has no time to question his existence while on the other side, when a person touches the end point of that pattern, which he has been following through, ‘he starts to question’. He starts to question his own ways, following which, he realizes his past mistakes. Now a miracle can surely happen at these times, only if that individual doesn’t start following a different pattern as there is nothing miraculous in following others.

Always following a pattern greatly limit our true potential.

These patterns are so deeply involved in our lives that it is almost impossible to find out that we are living our life in a repetitive manner. We turn blind in the process of living our lives as it greatly limits our vision towards our own life. Patterns disable our visionary approach and progressive thought process, through which we are destined to nourish our lives.

Although human beings are growth oriented beings, yet we always believe that following a school of thought, which has been prevalent since old age is always a much safer route to follow. Such a shame it is, that we, human beings always believe in this analogy that being a follower is the safest way to spend this life, instead of going through all the hassles of introspection and going alone on the route of self growth; which requires immense amount of self-belief, perseverance , patience and will, all at the same time. Hence it is much safer to say that a pattern oriented thought process surely sounds like a good idea, after all not all people contain all these above mentioned traits in themselves. Isn’t it? NO! This thought process is absolutely wrong and idiotic as it only proves one thing that as an individual, a person is full of cowardice and feels afraid to gain a deeper insight and move alone in the crowd.

This is where we are committing a great mistake as such a thought process implants a seed of fear in our deep psyche, where we are always living under the shade of fear and insecurities. On a broader spectrum it can also be said that it is the most common pattern we are going through, where we are going behind others only because ‘others are ahead us’.

Following different patterns also makes our life highly predictable.

It is also a fact that we can actually predict the kind of future one is going to live, based upon an individual’s behavior pattern and living pattern, which one is following through. Have you ever wondered that how fortune tellers are able to predict the future of others? There is no magic over here in this particular science. All the fortune tellers are only susceptible towards these patterns hence they are able to see what kind of pattern, an individual is going through. You can say that they have this bird’s eye view over the situation hence they can easily analyse it and predict the probable outcome.

Why is there a difference between two individuals following similar patterns?

One might argue that what brings the difference between various set of individuals who are essentially following a similar pattern. This social difference which we are talking about here is surely a reality, but the responsible factor for the difference between individuals is the intensity an individual puts while going through these patterns. First of all, one must know that why are we following these patterns and what is the purpose of these patterns?  The answer lies in the fact that all of these patterns are directed towards one single purpose and that is to make our life a comfortable one. We want happiness in our lives at a minimal cost. People don’t want to spend their brains as well as do some efforts to realize their own set of qualities along which one is born. 

Yet some people’s innate qualities provide them greater adaptability towards constantly changing life. They can easily fit in these patterns as they are quite passionate about achieving comfort in their lives. On the other side, other people easily feel overwhelmed and disoriented by the questions which life raises at all of us.

Stop repeating older patterns as they won't let you grow in life.
Learn to live a Life beyond patterns.....

The patterns, in our lives are the visible outcome of the rather invisible thoughts residing in our minds. Hence, a change in thought process or the primary seed thought simply changes the whole spectrum of thought process.

Our minds are clouded by infinite thoughts, all at the same time. We can’t actually figure out these thoughts until we are regular with any kind of meditation practice. Although there is another way, through which it is possible to know the nature of these thoughts, i.e. to closely monitor the kind of life one is going through, as the life is the direct manifestation of our own thought process.

Always remember that it’s always the kind of thoughts, which determines the quality of life one is essentially going to live.

Improvement is the driving force behind our lives. It might sound like over-simplification but it is essentially true that we only want our lives to be better with each passing moment in our life. Every individual craves for a system which can introduce improvements in one’s own life. Our every action starts with a single thought. Bring a change to that initial thought and it will eventually change the entire chain of events, it is going to produce. That is why it has been said that even a single thought has the power to change the entire course of human life. However, not very many individuals are able to figure out the true importance of thoughts. Thoughts are an unseen reality of the human mind. 

On a broader spectrum, these thoughts can be either progressive or regressive in nature. Listen to these thoughts and you shall soon come to this realization that what kind of pattern your thought process beholds. Once an individual is able to realize the kind of thought process one is having, it becomes easy to change it for better. Bring a change to your thoughts. Feel enthusiastic and courageous about the fact that you are actually breathing and living your life for something better. As one enters into a zone where he feels that one can control his own life; one shall soon witness the change happening around him as the old patterns are no longer there and the life has changed into something more productive hence a more individual one.

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