The power behind a negative thought.

 We always expect someone to come with an answer to our questions. We always behave in a condition, that is similar to a victim. These are the various ways in which a negative thought troubles our mind.  Of course, we all need .a teacher at various points of our lives but we often disregard the ones who taught us the simplest lessons in our lives.The teacher only arrives when the student is ready.   Such a teacher arrives when the student has surrendered in totality, not when one is feeling low at a certain point of time because of a certain condition. Quiet often we feel helpless when we don’t find any external help in our lives. We believe that nothing can be done from our side, which surely is false. A single idea in our minds can bring a change in our lives. The idea, which starts as a sense of self belief. A belief over the fact, that only we alone can change the course of the life, we are living. 

In various traditions, all around the planet we see and hear about various traditions regarding practicing compassion. It is an easy way to access our humanitarian side. To be kind is the basis of all existence. However, kindness is not subjective. We often practice kindness with others but at the same time we disregard our own self in the process. We need to be kind to our own selves. What we practice towards others, must be practiced for our own greater good. Otherwise, compassion becomes highly subjective. We treat everyone with kindness but keep our minds occupied with various sorts of deformities in our thoughts. It is unjustifiable. That is the power behind a negative thought that it forces us to fixate over itself.  That is the reason behind our inability to find a change for ourselves; a simple and a negative thought.  Such thoughts and such actions, where we treat ourselves as a victim, also keep our growth at check. Be it socially or spiritually or physically, we can’t grow in a healthy manner in the presence of such regressive thoughts. Science tells us that, in a body of a person who is suffering from stress, releases high amounts Cortisol, which is essentially harmful for our bodies. It further messes up our endocrine glands resulting in various sorts of ailments. In brief, negative thoughts vastly affect our overall health.. Such is the power behind a negative thought.

We need to bring the change in our mindset to make it a better place for our thoughts.  This only can be done through an attempt where we try to remove certain thoughts which keep ourselves occupied for no apparent reason. We need to accept the fact that such thoughts are harmful to us and the only way to find peace within is to bring a change. If it is too tough to think positive, then try to change your surroundings. A good and a healthy change at the periphery or environment shall also bring happiness within. Try to find the right balance as it can bring the most radical changes in the life of any individual. Find that sweet spot in your life, where you are not bound by expectations, be it from others or your own self. Learn the art to be happy, because you deserve it.

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