There is more to Life, beyond our desires.

What is the meaning of Life? Is it only about one moment at a time or several moments with several plans attached to it? Is there more to life beyond our desires?

There is more to life beyond our desires.

We are getting old with the weight of our never ending desires in our head, totally forgetting about the fact that there is more in this life and in this moment. Often it happens to me that a beautiful thought struck at a certain time which leads my way to an absolutely beautiful day. In a similar fashion, a negative thought also comes up in front of me and present me a surge in emotions which overwhelms me, but sadly it happens in a negative fashion. Furthermore, we use to stay and live along with the experience of that particular thought, which might stay for few moments, months, years or Eons. Afterwards, we desire to be free from that particular thought if it had a negative tone or we want to experience more if the experience was positive in nature. It depends upon the kind of thought we had. Soon, we find a new idea in our mind which takes place of the previous one. That is how we use to spend the moments of our life. That is how every moment of our life gives birth to a new desire.
We don’t sleep in the night because we want to take rest, instead we use to sleep because we are exhausted from the situations happening all around us. Or we sleep because someone has said in the market that sleeping for that many hours has been proved to be beneficial to us. It sounds more logical to me to sleep because a person is falling asleep.

Every passing moment in our life either passes along with memories of a previous moment or planning for an upcoming one.

We all want to be happy, no matter how high is the cost. We always go to greater extent to bear that cost for happiness. It is of no use. A happiness which we obtain through trade is a momentarily feeling. That sense of happiness comes as a trick to our mind. We feel astonished for few moments. We feel happiness and content. We try to feel the most of that particular sense, which provides stimulation to us. We try to drain every bit of our reserve happiness in that particular moment, but all of such efforts always go in vain.

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Our mind is capable of perceiving infinite ideas, although our previous experiences and desires allow us to only relate with limited ideas among all of these. Among these ideas which our mind perceives, the strongest there is the idea of Time. With every passing moment we are continuously going through a change. In every aspect, we  are constantly evolving and changing, be it physically or psychologically. It is easy to accept the change which we have gone through while we are in a conscious state. On the other hand there are certain type of changes which we face at a very rapid speed or either too slow of a pace to accept that the change actually happened. Our growing age and our attraction towards childhood is a perfect example of this statement.

In fact, our fears are the result of a rebellious attitude of our mind. Our mind never wants to bring a change, except only those times when a bad situation arises. Only under specific situations, our mind and body craves for a change. That is how we limit the definition of Time. We perceive time through  the eyes of our desires and fears.

It is totally up to an individual, how he wants to live his life. To feel occupied or to feel free is only a matter of choice.

We are always busy with developing desires. That is also a reason behind the fact that we find momentarily happiness in anything, whether it is about a new possession or an old one. There is absolutely no end to our desires. We are always busy with our imagination to bring new ways to feed our desires or in other words, to feel the ‘discontent’ in our lives. Forget about feeling content in this constantly changing time. It is not going to happen. Although there is content in acceptance, as living in denial brings us to the doors of fears and insecurities. We always feel feared towards the change going both inside us, as well as all around the world. Instead of accepting the change we always start imagining new ways and distractions to keep our minds occupied. As quickly we get something, our minds generate a more unique demand. That is the nature of the fixed track over which our life has been running around since our birth. Bring a change. Accept the fact that it is happening. It is happening to you because of any reason or for no apparent reason. There is no point to focus your mind in the direction of that reason. YES! It is as simple as it sounds. Try to accept whatever is happening to you. It will eventually introduce your mind to a sudden halt, where the imagination in your mind won’t desire for ‘some more or some different.

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