As a person gradually ages, one automatically attains more wisdom. This wisdom develops from the fact that all his age he has came across various ideas to live the life in a particular fashion. Yet he find himself in a void which can not be filled. After which he develops a sense, where one can discriminate between the non-essentials and the essentials. To prove one’s potential, in the eyes of Community and Family, a person always goes to great distances while keeping his own Mental, Spiritual and Health aspects, aside. There comes a time, sooner or later, when a person craves to walk upon a road to a simple life.


Sometimes, we work upon such ideas out of false responsibilities or human temptations. I have also witnessed, that people have a false sense of belief that human growth always goes along with the idea of team work. Well, ‘IT IS NOT’. The truth is that a more successful person has a wider reach.  The bigger achievements one has, the more easily accessible one will be in others mind. And that achievement can be attained in any aspect, which is surely not only limited to financial success. A productive person always finds himself in a position where one can help the society, with utmost efficiency, no matter the situation. 

There is more to life than our duties.

 I always wander that, how occupied we are in performing ‘duties’? As there is no individuality in living a life; it is a thing of realization that we are a small part of a very large chain reaction. On a broader spectrum one can see that all our lives, we only react to different situations. We need to be more original. 

Instead of providing reactions all the time, learn to act. It is much more productive. That is where we realize that such an action needs a reason. That reason is not relative to anyone as it is a very intimate thing to work upon finding a balance in the life, every individual needs to work in a different manner, as no two individuals are identical. One must feel more responsibility towards his own self.

Walk upon the road to a simple life

Our various duties are dedicated to the idea, where an individual efficiently fulfills the needs of the people living in the immediate surroundings. One needs to shift his focus a bit, i.e. to his own self, first. To work upon one’s own self should be the goal. Prioritizing others, but keep one’s own self as the supreme priority. To spend a life, in helping others to attain a ‘false sense’ of pleasure is not a good idea. 

Keep that in mind, that I am not supporting the idea of being selfish. In the eyes of a selfish person, GROWTH is a relative term. One can easily harm others to achieve his goal and surely that’s not a good idea. That is where introspection comes. After a decent introspection and repeated efforts, a person finds success in realizing, what one actually wants. And while cruising to that goal a person find difficulties, obstacles only to realize it later that, it’s all part of a game and he played it well by providing all efforts in most of the fields.

Hence, it is all about finding that spot where we feel that we are blessed, we feel towards things and others. Automatically others shall reciprocate in the similar manner. We unnecessarily make our lives complicated and try to solve the puzzles created by ourselves. There is no answer to several of our questions as many of these are nothing more but only a hypothesis. That is where we come face to face with the fact that we are living in an imaginary world. A world in our minds, fueled through our desires. Reality is much more simple and happening. It allows us to enjoy every bit of fresh air we are breathing. Breath, feel the bliss as this is the road to a simple life.


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