WHAT AM I? To know about thyself is the way to realize our own Greatness.

Every spiritual seeking always originates with a sense of dissatisfaction towards the present conditions which are prevalent in our lives. Otherwise unimportant and unreasonable to be taken into consideration, there arises a multitude of important questions, which can only be asked and answered while cruising along our spiritual journeys. While living in a world which all about impermanence; to crave for infinite and something permanent always works as the seed to the tree of Spiritualism as every spiritual seeking adhere a question in itself where we ask ourselves, What’s beyond the known?

What am I? To know about thyself is the way to realize our own Greatness.

 There are no boundaries to our longings. Similar is the case with the questions we come up with. One is always ready with a ton of questions before coming up with a solution to either single one of them. However, before going with several other questions, it is highly recommended to ask ourselves a question whose answer is well known to us still we always feel ignorant about its very essence. It is also safe to assume that we know absolutely nothing about our own selves, which eventually leads us towards a faulty start in every path of our life.

 A misdirected and a state of confusion take lead in the path of our own lives when one doesn’t know about the importance of one’s own being. This question I am repeatedly talking about here is “What am I”? Although, it is least important to know each and every miniscule detail about our existence; yet what is actually necessary is to know about the universe full of things which are being projected through our own appearance.

The reason for which we need to ask this question to ourselves is that we always take our own-selves for granted. In our ignorance we carry on with making theories and opinions about the outside world, when there is a universe living inside our own bodies which mostly stays unknown to us. Our own existence is always subjected to misery because of how un-important our own existence is for our own self. As we go on with living and following the same patterns again and again, we find ourselves greatly believing in the idea of divinity, only to relieve us from this misery, which eventually came to us only because we find nothing precious in ourselves.

We always carry on with the process of living while creating perceptions and reacting to those perceptions.

Whenever we feel ourselves freed from this continuous process of perceiving and reacting, we can find ourselves surrounded to those questions which can be considered as much more important questions for our existence.  There are many questions which are similar in nature and help us with finding about the unknown. These are the most common questions which we use to ask ourselves in the hope of relating with the ‘existence’. These questions act as the bridge between our own idea of existence and the ‘Existence’ itself. However, there is one particularly interesting question to ask to ourselves and that is to ask ourselves, ‘What am I’?

One needs to understand about the perspective this question covers when it’s been asked. This rather complicated question answers about everything which is present in ourselves, within the material or physical boundaries. There is so much going on inside our own bodies that if we decide to give it a conscious thought, one shall easily feel overwhelmed by its grandeur. Unfortunately, we always choose to skip the realities we carry within our bodies, whenever we develop a thought to relate with a higher realm. It is so, not important. We also need to understand about the wholesomeness of this physical world, we use to carry within ourselves. Especially, it becomes particularly important when we take it for granted the fact that how unlimited we actually are, even in the context of our physical being.

Our bodies consist of nearly infinite atoms which are arranged in a supremely organized manner to form larger structures such as macro-molecules or DNA. In brief, we are a very large compound. However, our mind through which we are able to think is what makes us or any living being so important and peculiar. As a matter of fact, the easiest manner to distinguish between a living and a non-living being is the presence of the mind. We would consider it alive and conscious if a body is carrying a conscious organ in itself. Isn’t it?  

However, whether or not, the much smaller units present among our bodies can think in a similar fashion like our brain systems or not, is surely a matter of question.  But even for a moment if we assume that these smaller units are unable to think  much similar to that of our brain system; still we can’t ignore the fact that they are somehow programmed to stick and stay together for certain duration to play their role in our living bodies. What role do these smaller units play? It cannot be argued even for once that their only purpose in their life cycle is to maintain the integrity of this body.

Whatever is the reason behind these infinite sub atomic particles to carry a particular charge within them, they bond together in a special way to create a living or a non-living ‘Being’. I find it both fascinating as well as deeply powerful. It always keeps on telling me that there are energies and matter inside us which are independent from the idea of our own ‘Ego’. Our controlling nature holds no value to these beautiful and self-sufficient particles. However, it is a great choice to make that if we go on and perceive these powers inside us as something important for our existence, even if we don’t hold a voluntary control over these particles and their energies. At least, by doing this we can practice a sense of gratitude towards the most significant aspect of our physical and mental ‘Being’.

What makes this idea so very important is that it enables us to think beyond our own thoughts. We are so much enslaved by our own thoughts that we are always occupied by similar or dissimilar nature of thoughts necessary for our ‘thought world’. Our energies are consumed in this continuous process of thinking. Hence, it is much better to think something better. It is much better to think about something substantial and well proven, unlike our thoughts which are nothing more but hallucinations. It is much better to stay focused towards the universe present inside us and the day one is able to realize the truth, it surely will help one to be productive in the most efficient manner to outside world.


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