What is fear and why it is dangerous for human growth?

Among the whole lot of emotions present in our minds, fear is the most abundant one, yet even after its abundance we don’t know much about this particular emotion. We develop it and because of our repulsive nature towards this emotion, we always chose to leave it behind instead of trying to know more about it. While giving it a thought, I am sure that we all can come over this agreement that every time we develop a fear, there is a sense of uncertainty behind it. When we don’t want to face a particular situation, our minds always develop fear as an ‘alternate reaction’. It’s more like a dead end to a wrong turn which one has chosen in the past. So, instead of going back and turn towards the right turn, our mind simply chooses to develop a fear towards that particular U- turn. It is much like a shortcut from our mind. The problem with such a reaction is that we do not consider it as a wrong one.
We always develop fears out of uncertainty and because of our tendency to ‘not work’ over our own fears, is what makes it so dangerous for human growth.
Unfortunately, with passing time our mind develops a pattern. Outside that pattern, every challenging situation propagates a small fear inside us and we only choose to leave it behind only in the name of our ‘well being’.

We have so many fears engulfed in our personalities that it is safe to say that we have learned to stay completely ignorant towards many of these. Our whole life revolves around these preset ideas or patterns. As everyone has a pattern to live, it is also a fact that our lives are highly predictable. Eventually, there is no room for a miracle to happen. These preset mechanisms inside our mind act like a default survival program for us, very much like our life foundation. On the other side, as we develop infinite amount of fears during our life cycle, it can also be said otherwise that not every fear is our enemy. We know that playing with fire will cause a burn. However, to what extent should we believe in this idea is a thought, which demands to be considered deeply because there are so many ideas which one can treat to a success. All it demands is a simple thought to leave that fearful idea behind and a small amount of action to contradict that fearful thought, living inside our mind.

Our lives are continuously changing. Some of the changes we go through are a direct result of our own manifestation. We want certain changes to happen and we work hard or think hard in the direction of these changes. I also find it quiet common to feel fearful in the times when we are equipped with abundance. We call these fears as ‘insecurities’. Now, the question arises here that why it happens that we are unable to witness the abundance in our lives and goes on with feeling insecure? The answer lies in the fact that we are constantly over thinking.

Fear is the only constant in a constantly changing Nature

We can witness our thoughts. It is not a tough process. However, as someone starts to witness his thoughts, he can easily find out that every thought inside his mind is fixated with a certain situation. Guess what? The major problem with witnessing our own thoughts is that our whole mind is occupied with these thoughts.

With so many secondary thoughts and actions associated to these visible primary thoughts, we always find ourselves occupied in a thought or the action regulated through that primary thought. For example, someone loves his wife and he further thinks about providing security to her or starting a family with her or dreaming about their old age. Every thought in this example, comes up with a plan which eventually will take place in the ‘Future’. Unfortunately, when a future plan comes up in our mind, a fear of failure also develops along with it. That is what we call a ‘sense of unknown fear on a much broader scale’. In simple terms, we can call it ‘insecurity’.

Every thought inside our head is there for a reason. We provide our energy into that thought with an intention to find success. Mostly, we do not know the reason behind our sense of fear and it is completely fine to be ‘not aware’ of that reason at any given point of time, although this unawareness always comes at a cost.

 Nobody likes a change and human beings are no different. Have you considered this that what is the biggest problem with a beginner sitting in meditation? It is what we call as ‘Monkey Mind’. 

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 Our Mind, which is home to infinite amount of thoughts, which are constantly evolving eventually, leads the mind to a place of unrest and the unrest will eventually lead the mind to a place that is full of fear.

If you are thinking that you are having lack of concentration during your meditation practice, that’s not the case at all. In reality, you are overwhelmed by the dynamic power of your own mind. Lack of concentration is just a tag we have given to the problem.

Always remember that for a change, we need to act courageously. Courage always comes up along with the idea of acceptance. Accept that something is wrong in your life. Accept that you are not correct at every place. That’s called a courageous attempt to bring change in your life. Don’t fixate with any idea. Be flexible within your thoughts. Soon, one will find out the weak link which demands the work. Start doing the work upon yourself and start bringing a change in your life. 

Always remember that fear must not become our lifestyle.

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