What is Over thinking and why it is harmful?

Why we human beings mostly over think and what makes over thinking so harmful? We need a substantial answer to these questions because every single individual, present over this planet is unable to control the flow of his thoughts, hence is always occupied with over thinking.

We, human beings bear a developed brain with an intrinsic nervous system, which we use it to create perception about everything; unfortunately we always use it excessively. We can also say that most of the times we actually tend to think in an obsessive manner. That is where over thinking starts.

Someone doesn’t need to go into greater details of one’s own mind to find out that whether one is an over thinker or not. Simply put, EVERYBODY IS AN OVER THINKER. Everybody knows that it is quite hazardous for our health but we never actually think twice about the reason behind it.

What is over thinking?

Over-thinking is a process in which uncontrolled implosion of thoughts occurs in an individual’s mind. Over-thinking is about chaos. Imagine if we are present in a crowd of million people and trying to communicate with all of them, simultaneously. How one can even imagine a communication among such a huge crowd? But it is happening at all the times in our mind.

stop overthinking.

There are certain requirements which needed to be fulfilled for a successful communication to happen. The primary requirement is that there should be one speaker and one listener. Both also should share a similar frequency, over which they can communicate. These requirements are applicable in every situation. Be it among different individuals or within our own mind. We surely can easily practice to be a good listener; unfortunately it is not so easy when it comes to our own mind.

A mind, which is fueled and driven by desires and ignorance, always develops numerous thoughts to push itself further towards the dark.

Similar to what I have said above, there are huge numbers of thoughts, continuously developing in our minds, continuously trying to communicate with our intellect. However, our intellect fails miserably when it comes face to face to these crowded thoughts. One can surely imagine how worse of a situation is when we are actually living our whole life in this fashion.

Our minds are continuously occupied with infinite number of thoughts and we actually have no realization to this.

Why over thinking is harmful?

The unknowingness of the fact that how harmful is over thinking for us: is what makes it even more detrimental for us. We simply ‘think’ for whatever reason and consume ourselves in the process.

These various kinds of voluntary or involuntary thoughts arise in our heads and lead us to a state where we can’t do anything about it except feeling the overwhelming power of these thoughts, in the form of stress, anxiety or various kinds of ailments.

What is Over thinking and why it is harmful?

There is one more reason to consider it highly harmful for us. That is because the energy consumed by these thoughts is in immense proportions. One can barely imagine the amount of energy these uncontrolled thoughts carry with themselves, yet it is safe to assume that while over thinking, we spend energies which are equivalent to many stars in the sky above. Over thinking doesn’t only consume our biological energy instead it goes on further and consumes our Existential energy. 

One may ask that, ‘What is Existential energy’? Existential energy is the energy which is needed for anything to simply exist. Among different kind of energies, a one rather peculiar one is the central idea which we call as ‘the purpose’. ‘Anyone’s or anything’s life purpose which someone or something inhibits while taking birth, or living and going through their life cycle, is among the few components of this grand energy.’ Every other energy consumed in our life cycle only acts as a support system to flourish this idea to its ‘state of absolute completion’. While over-thinking, involuntarily we disturb this natural flow of energy consumption.

One needs to understand that over-thinking is not a voluntary process. We are not in the control of these crowded thoughts. What I am stating here is that an individual is not in control of these crowded thoughts. Let’s understand this in simpler terms.

Every action, every thought of our life is simply dedicated to make our lives a better one. Be it in a direct manner or an indirect manner. We never even think about anything which turns our life into a miserable one. At least that is the idea we use to carry in our minds.

It is also a fact that we are quiet selfish by nature. Yet, it doesn’t take away this fact that at several times, our own actions directly harm us. As we don’t know about the repercussions of certain thoughts or actions, we harm ourselves in an unknown fashion. Over-thinking is surely such an action which always harms an individual who is unknowingly thinking and further chooses to stick with it. Hence, it is quite evident that we are doing harm to our own self but we are unaware of this.

One might be aware of Over thinking yet one can’t do much to correct it as our intellect has grown weak and thoughts are growing wild.

Go ahead and change your life by gaining control over the mind which we attained as a blessing hence its mere ‘tendency to  produce thoughts’ can’t overpower our own ‘SELF’.

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