What is the Difference between Success and Motive

Everyone is looking for success and everyone is planning for it, in one way or another. But why it happens so often that even after having the clear view about the success one deeply craves for, one rarely attains it?

As we try to figure out the route to success, we often land up with various ideas about how to get one. Before proceeding further, keep in check that there is a difference between Success and Motive.

People never visualize the latter one.  Everybody is busy in idealizing someone else from the history to find the course of his own life. It is like someone is trying to achieve  which has been accomplished by someone else in the past. Obviously, it is impossible.

The idea of success in our minds has become highly cumulative. Why is this that we need to accumulate certain things to figure out the taste of success? Is it just because we have been taught in a specific manner? The reason behind this is quite simple. We learn to act in a responsible manner in a much bigger unit called society. We undermine our own capabilities only because we need to serve this higher authority called society. This society constitute people of various mindsets having one common ambition to serve others, in one way or another. But we also need to grow our own hidden potential. After all we might be helpful to others in a more productive way. As we progress forward in our lives, we have no individuality left with ourselves and we are left with several questions. Questions, if left unanswered leads to frustrations. Sadly, this is what mostly happens with people.


What is the difference between Success and Motive

Stop blaming the situations, conditions or even people. What someone actually wants to attain in this life, is totally one’s own decision. How many moments or seconds, one actually thinks about the quality with which someone can revolutionize this world? We have heard this again and again that everyone is different and every individual possesses a unique gift. How many of us actually believe in this? No one? Well, do believe this. 

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The mantra to gain success, is to be present at the right place, with the right amount of skill set.

Why people fail to reach out the deserving success, only belongs to them, is because they do not want to come out of their comfort zones. Obviously, we need to explore the outer world. It further provides us the opportunity to reach out the new possibilities , new opportunities and new horizons. On the other side, if a person finds  out his true motive in the early times of his life and further decides to engage for that motive, then destiny itself creates the right opportunity at the right times, resulting in the successful completion of his motive as well as his whole life.

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