What is the idea behind Marriage or Companionship? The happiness always comes with a cost....

What is marriage? Do you think that it has something to do with two people who are seemingly perfect for each other, fortunately come together and decide to live together for whole life? Unfortunately, that is not the case for the majority of population.

Marriage can bring great happiness in an individual’s life at the cost of the individual’s own ‘life purpose’.

What is the idea behind marriage?

Consider it as a fortunate happening that most among us don’t have any idea about one’s own motive. We have a lot of going on in our lives which can be mistaken as a reason for living a life, however, upon deeper introspection one can easily finds out that every such reason is nothing else but a false idea or a pseudo-motive. Marriage is surely a similar idea. One needs to face the fact that that every great individual being born over this planet was successful as an ‘individual’. Families are not great at all. At the very extreme, an extra ordinary family might consist of above average people who chose to live in an average manner. The foundation of every revolution was led by a single individual instead of masses.  It is always the same whether we take an example of a war or any religious revolution. Every major occurrence in the human history was initiated by a single individual who only believed in a single idea which was way ahead of that time. There might be many supporting hands behind the successful completion of that idea. But, a revolutionary idea never comes up in the masses of society.

Most people among us live along a middle way where several things are going simultaneously in their lives. On this path, people would often try to feel content and balanced with the help of miscellaneous wrong reasons and improper achievements. On a further account, it can also be said that every activity we do in our lives are mostly driven by our survival instinct and a sense of fear.

All these reasons are always considered as essentials for a living. Many of these reasons never actually suits to an individual’s psychology. In other words, these reasons always come at the cost of an individual’s sanity. With limited exposure towards their own insight, an individual always fails to determine and find that single act, which can truly gratify one’s thirst in life.

 On the other side, it also sounds beautiful to never even sense about the missing part in our lives.

Always standing with a person whom we can count upon, is both a blessing as well as a limiting curse.


What is Marriage?

Marriage is a perfect idea for those who have limited ambition in their lives and no inhibitions towards falling prey to their insecurities of dying alone.

Our whole life is a flow chart with only two dimensions involved in it, i.e. Desire of wealth and Copulation. ‘Marriage’ is the perfect answer for two individuals, who wish to grow together while keeping an eye towards other aspects of life ‘secured’. It builds an idea in an individual’s psyche that one is incomplete when alone, but will surely feel complete when surrounded by many. Hence, marriage and living along with a family always presents a perfect answer to this preposition.  

It can also be said that marriage acts as a compensation for two individual’s lost individuality. Together, they try hard to find out the answers to those questions which they never even dared to ask to their own ‘self. From dying alone to not being able to secure future generations, there are numerous reasons in the mind of a human being to follow through the institution of marriage. Different people have different types of insecurities, yet insecurities can’t be the foundation stone of an institution as important as ‘Marriage’.

On the other side of the picture it can also be argued that there are several people who are happily married and enjoying their lives, but how?

As we know that there are different levels of consciousness. No two individuals are identical in nature. There are both materialists as well as spiritual people present all around the planet. A person who has more access towards his insight finds the outer world rather ‘limited’.  On the other side, someone whose mind is fixated towards the outer world, away from the consciousness is more active in worldly affairs. These people might grow exponentially in their practical life while actively participating in the society; but they always share the same insecurities as others.

They always try to feel content through merchandise and try hard to focus on securing their continuously changing life. For them, it is impossible to live without a companion as they can’t even imagine a life which is beyond the idea of ‘reproduction’; which is also a ‘default setting’ in every living being and can act as a purpose for the whole life.

Marriage is a perfect compensation to two different individuals who failed to realize their motive in life and hence decided to fall prey to their carnal instincts of reproduction. There is a strong reason behind the fact that Spiritual ascension demands absolute surrender, especially conquering over the deep rooted desires of ‘attainment of various objects and control over sexual thoughts and actions’.

Not only Spirituality, success in every field demands an absolute devotion towards that motive. One can’t simultaneously live in the fantasy land while keep on facing the obstacles which lay in the path of his motive.

Marriage is a beautiful idea.

As I have stated above that not all people are believer of the fact that they have a superior motive to accomplish in their lives. Of course, it sounds utterly stupid to imagine a society where there is no diversity at all. We also need to understand that everybody cannot become a monk. People are happy in everything they are doing in their lives and quite often we cannot preach spirituality to someone who is happily influenced by his own instincts. Marriage or companionship is a beautiful idea for such people. It is completely fine and beautiful to find the strength to cruise through the life in someone else’s presence. At different stages of life, we call it by different names. It is called as romance in the youth and companionship in the mature stages of life.

The beauty of marriage or companionship always comes with an idea of someone who has more belief in the other person, than his own self and this idea is nothing less than divinity itself.

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