What's this Life is all about?

With a developed set of mental capabilities, we, human beings are also capable of raising questions which are quite diverse in nature. Such questions can lead us to various shores of imagination as well as different shores of answers. Among these thoughts, we human beings often tend to overlook a particular question. It asks us about our own life and how we should live it in the best possible way, all the way till the very end. In the shadow of this question, we keep ourselves busy to look for an answer which might provide us the sense of security and peace. Watch this topic in Hindi.

Life is all about Joy.

We are continuously over-thinking in our life. This idea came in my mind, when I was in a discussion with my friend over the same topic. When I was continuously thinking about the deeper meaning this life serves, my friend simply told me that life is all about living with Joy. Such a beautiful statement it is!

Whether we take it in a philosophical manner or consider it as a metaphor of materialism, there are absolutely no questions about the efficacy of this statement. In every single religion present around this globe, it has been stated in one way or another that our life can improve if we choose to follow certain ideas. In some way or another, these preaching are indicating that our present life is a curse. After introspection we shall find that this idea is also deep rooted in the mind of every human being. As we know, with discontent comes ambition and with ambition comes growth. Yet I fail to find a reason behind cursing the same life which we are living every moment; instead we must be grateful towards this life.

Life is all about Joy.

Our life can be divided in two aspects: Meaning and Action.

Too much action often leads us to an unreal realm of state, where we live in a constant state of fear, i.e. ‘THE FEAR OF CHANGE’.

To dodge this fear of change, we always occupy ourselves with a more vigorous routine of action. There comes a point where we feel unable to process the magnitude of results being served by our own actions, hence producing false results and too much anxiety in the process. On the other hand, a person with no action in his life suffers with the similar fate. Now, what’s the catch behind the idea of a peaceful life, we ask? The answer is simple, i.e. peace can only be attained in a state of perfect balance.

Now, it might sound unreal as well as impossible to attain that state, but we must try to improvise with time and simply try to adapt to the conditions.

Usually, people take their lives too seriously in the process of trying to find an answer. We have various religions all around the world, proposing various theories to end a cycle, while considering the life as suffering. I wonder how accurate this idea is, as it further escalates a state of panic in an ignorant mind. If we have to have a look through our thoughts, we will find that we are continuously complaining about the life we are blessed with.

We are always busy complaining about every aspect of life; in other words we are constantly trying to improve the situations, with a sense of anguish in our mind.

 We must first find enough depth in ourselves, so that we shall be able to contemplate over our own reason of existence. If someone is devoid of such greater depths, it is much better to live a life, little by little. Although I firmly believe that everybody has the potential to find enlightenment, yet it is also a fact that not everybody is able to reach that spot in one’s own life. Such depth can only be achieved after enough experience attained through infinite amount of actions, repercussions, contemplation, correction and awareness. It doesn’t matter if we have to take multiple births to achieve that spot.

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