Who deserves our respect and how we often deny behaving in a compassionate manner.

One must respect all and be compassionate towards everyone. That’s the bottom line of this article. However we are going to have a detailed look at this topic over here and how all of us, mostly choose to behave in an opposite, or should I say in a crude manner.

The respect we think we shall provide to someone is always based upon our judgment about that individual.

People have various stipulations in their minds when they make an opinion about a person.  It is only that opinion, which always plays a pivotal role in determining the behavior pattern of a person. In simple language, ‘WE JUDGE PEOPLE’. 

Our treatment towards a person mostly depends upon this judgment. This judgment or an opinion we develop, when we try to evaluate the importance of that person in our own life. The basis of this evaluation often land in the terms of financial status, mental abilities, spiritual capabilities etc.

This judgment is mostly influenced by the conditions or situations surrounding both the parties. Beyond that, our opinion is also influenced by the state of mind we possess at that particular time. For example, if someone is angry or is restless, then there is absolutely no point in making an attempt to talk logically with that person. An angry or emotionally compromised person is surely going to mess up with the positive vibe, the other person might be able to provide. Hence it is recommended to give him some time so that he gain control over his senses and perceive the situations in a more practical as well as logical manner.



It surely is natural to make an opinion about someone, but still I can’t figure it out that why would someone deny the basic respect, anything or anyone in this nature deserves? Even if we chose to behave wisely, it is totally because of a different reason altogether. We behave in a ‘civilized’ way because we have been taught to follow certain mannerisms. Love elders, be affectionate towards young ones, love your spouse etc. NO!  LOVE ALL at least I don’t want to limit my affection towards my dear ones.

We shall find many more similar beliefs if we intend to dig deeper. However, I would suggest that if we have to learn and practice about affection, we shall practice more often in a more unbiased and non-conditional manner.

Our mannerism is a very inorganic behavior whereas compassion is a natural instinct. I love a pup, or I love a cat or I love anyone, is totally my natural instinct and I don’t allow anyone to tackle with this thought of mine. This is the sound and confidence of love and compassion. I love because ‘I HAVE TO’.

I don’t want to know about the presence of GOD in that person or in an animal or in a tree trunk. I don’t want to bug my mind with the idea that my compassion is based upon certain characteristics. However, I am not denying this kind of realization by any means. I am just adamant over this fact that if we can’t be compassionate towards every other being present out there, we can be at least more respectful.

After all…..

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