YOU are just an another 'thought'.

Have you ever had a thought before, which relates to the idea of your own existence? Maybe you came up with a theory which came out as an answer to questions such as, ‘who are we’ or ‘what am I’? 

Even if someone had any considerable answers inside their mind, what exactly is the credibility of that particular idea or a theory, while we do know, that it is nothing else and nothing more but merely a thought, to which our intellect can relate with? 

Before looking for any fragment of God or divinity in ourselves, let’s think for a moment about whatever else we are, other than that.

Let’s say, we are a bunch of organs with specific works with a unique organ sitting up at the top, which has this weird capability to think and create different perceptions. We have no idea about when and how this so called weird quality takes full control over our whole lives. 

You are a thought.

It is quiet safe to assume that people are living while imagining about us taking control over our own life, when in reality we have none at all. People’s minds are home to a state of continuous chain reaction of thoughts, over which they don’t have any control at all. Unfortunately when these thoughts become an addiction to our own minds, our whole life becomes miserable.

 If we have to consider about this subject on a more practical ground, we can safely declare that there is surely “too much” going on inside our heads and this fact can easily be observed by anyone and everyone, irrespective of their level of consciousness. Just close your eyes and try to look at these thoughts. Anyone can perceive and actually relate to this issue, which I am stating over here, especially when there are not many topics present around the world where everyone comes to an agreement.

On the other side, if we have to express this “too much” with an expression, how we are supposed to do it?  Or if we have to relate with a situation, how would our minds usually react? How do we actually relate with anything at all?

Within the limits of our mind, the 'All' is also a thought just like, the 'null' is.

That’s where a thought comes in to the picture. A thought can come in a form of an answer as well as it can also take a form of a question. It can take a form of love or affection and it also is acting behind the feeling of envy, jealousy or hatred. 

Do you really think that you are in love with somebody, when all of which is there at the time of so called feeling love, going on inside your mind, is a continuous chain reaction of thoughts, which only shows the importance of another person in your life? That’s the definition of love or any other emotion. Simply understand this that these emotions are continuous in nature. The more similar kind of thoughts one has, the stronger the emotion gets. Hence our whole world is only an identification with various categories and degrees of thoughts.

 With the help of our perception and our past experiences, our thoughts are able to limit anything which can vary from finite to infinite, into a relatable definition which is also unfortunately, a deformed one. Eventually these deformed ideas stay there in our minds for our whole lives in the form of experiences, only to be re-used in the later stages of our lives. It can be also said in a simple terminology that a thought is a wholesome form of both, a perception as well as an expression.

We need our own thoughts for the ‘process of thinking’. Other than that there is absolutely no purpose of these thoughts to be there in our minds. That’s a questionable over simplification there, but I can’t find anything more relatable than that. I mean, what else is there to make us feel so driven or so eager to think? Isn’t it the process itself?

Some might argue that how someone is supposed to live without any thoughts at all? We surely can. It’s only about the priority and the realization towards witnessing the reality. If someone prefers to live in a state of chaos, there is nothing can be done in that scenario. 

A lost mind is always occupied with infinite thoughts.

Our minds are highly unique considering the function it performs. In fact when we think about an organ which can talk to itself, it surely has to be our own mind. No other organ inside our body has this weird quality for sure. However, this quality turns into a curse when it gets out of control.

Unfortunately, it is bound to become out of control if we closely monitor about our priorities towards life. We always feel fine with the complexities which we use to carry in our lives however, at the same time, we also feel bound and helpless while living with these.

As we grow older, our mind loses its control over itself and its powers, and indulges itself into the world of desire, fear, love and insecurities.


Soon one discovers that his own mind is always working in an overwhelmed state where it is continuously working and generating more and more thoughts about the world and so on. Hence as we grow old and learn different languages to communicate with others about the thoughts which we are generating in our minds, we also would always live in a state of a constant craving to express ourselves in words.

One might ask that ‘Why this craving to express ourselves came in our minds?’ The answer to this question is that, it is there because our mind can no longer efficiently handle the nonsense which is going on inside it. Hence it chooses to release the load with the help of a communication. These types of communications eventually start a chain reaction, where we are constantly blabbering in our social circle, reflecting the mental chaos in the outside world.

No wonder, there are terms used such as ‘silence’ or ‘observe’ used in the fields where we talk about spiritual ascension.

Identification with thoughts is a limiting curse.

There can be no other efficient expression which can define the idea of our own existence except the fact that we are nothing else but a bunch of non-useful thoughts. That’s we are!  Our whole energy is being consumed into the process of trying to relate with the outside world. We are like a living satellite. While going on with living, we barely have any original ideas of our own as we are in a continuous state of receiving signals from others and further projecting it towards others. 

I mean, try to sit there somewhere in the quiet and think about it. Do you actually have a single thought which can be considered as something positive? One may ask here, what is the definition of positive? With positive, I mean to say that something which helps in our ascension as a living being. Obviously, someone doesn’t always want to live for others. Isn’t it?

There is nothing wrong in it but there is absolutely nothing right in it, either. We are so very much consumed by this idea of righteousness and falsely imposed sense of morality that we forget about the work needed for our own growth, which is highly important while we grow old towards a certain death. Obviously, there is no wonder people would often feel frustrated at the times of their deaths.  

What I am stating over here is that we are a slave to our habit of ‘trying to relate with things’. We can’t actually imagine a single moment in our lives which stays devoid of any thought, hence there is no wonder either that a state of a silent mind is nothing less than but a ‘bliss’.  A silent mind automatically leads someone to the gates of reality itself, where one becomes an ‘observer of the truth’ behind his own being.

Obviously we would have needed meditation to grow a silent mind. In fact, I wonder what other ways we can try to define meditation itself, other than a practice where an individual develops control over one’s own mind which eventually leads the mind into a zone of absolute silence and dissolution.

Practice silence. Nourish it. Don’t practice the suppression of thoughts. Be very alert; be highly aware of your own existence. Observe whatever is going inside your head. Persevere within your efforts. Attain a state, where there are no cravings left to come up and reflect within the form of a thought. As the mind calms down and the desire to perceive about the whole world ceases, divinity shall appear in it’s full of glory.


Our intellect works with the help of our experiences of life. It evaluates them and figures out a convenient approach to tackle the situation, which is there in the present moment. However, aren’t we overly occupied by this identification process?

 The process of ‘identification’ leads us to a place where there is nothing else in our minds except, various kinds of thoughts. All of these thoughts are always in conflicts with each other. Slowly our mind changes from a place of intellect to a house of thoughts. 

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